/Screenwriting and Pre-Production
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Screenwriting and Pre-Production

2 modules

English, Hindi

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<p>Explore and learn Screenwriting for Films, Web Series, and TV</p>


Week 1: Introduction to Filmmaking

13 attachments • 2 hrs

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Course Introduction

1.3 About the Course

1.4 What is a Motion Picture?

1.5 Brief History of Cinema

1.6 Playing with Images

1.7 Filmmaking Process

1.8 Stages in Film Production

1.9 Production Timeline

1.10 Your First Film School

1.11 Where to Start from?

1.12 Important Tips

1.13 Recommended Film for viewing

Week 2: Screenplay Writing

21 attachments • 19 hrs

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Introduction of the Instructor

2.3 Film That Inspired me the most


2.4 The difference between Story, Script and Screenplay

2.5 What is Screenplay Writing


2.6 From Idea to Screenplay

2.7 How to Write a Screenplay

2.8 Prerequisites to be a Good Screenwriter

2.9 Basic Terms you must know to be a good screen writer

2.10 Screenwriters Best Friend and Workplace

2.11 Screenplay Writing Software

2.12 Screenplay Example - Seven Samurai

2.13 Structuring the Script

2.14 Writing Dialogues

2.15 Pre-Production Process

2.16 Yamdu, the Pre Production Software

2.17 Yamdu, how does it work

2.18 Film of the Week

2.19 The Important Tips


2.22 Weekly Assignment: Write a Screenplay

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