/Introduction to Film Direction
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Introduction to Film Direction

2 modules

English, Hindi

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<p>Learn the process of directing Films, Web Series and TV</p>


Week 1: Introduction to Filmmaking

13 attachments • 3 hrs

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Course Introduction

1.3 About the Course

1.4 What is a Motion Picture?

1.5 Brief History of Cinema

1.6 Playing with Images

1.7 Filmmaking Process

1.8 Stages in Film Production

1.9 Production Timeline

1.10 Your First Film School

1.11 Where to Start from?

1.12 Important Tips

1.13 Recommended Film for viewing

Week 2: Direction

28 attachments • 58 hrs

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Instructor Introduction

2.3 Films that Influenced Me


2.4 Planning the Film, Take-Off Point

2.5 The Process of Direction- Mind to Screen

2.6 Role of a Director

2.7 Sourcing Stories for films


2.8 The Biographicals and History as a source for stories

2.9 Casting, Preparation of Actors, Workshops

2.10 Producer Director Relationship

2.11 Selecting a Story for your Film

2.12 Briefing Actors

2.13 Directing Actors

2.14 Shooting The Scenes: Directing Raees

2.15 Capturing Scenes: Directing Scene by Scene

2.16 Cinematic Space

2.17 Cinematic Time

2.18 Cinematography and Character Portrayal in RAEES

2.19 Climax and Resolution

2.20 Handling Emotions

2.21 Handling Action - VFX and DI

2.22 Editing and Sound Design

2.23 Film is Complete, now what

2.24 Film of the Week

2.25 Tip of the Week

2.26 Glossary

2.27 DCP Quiz Time

2.28 Weekly Assignment: Make a One Minute Film

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